An easy-to-use tool that measures, corrects and optimizes measurement data.

Create and Measure Custom Charts

Generate custom charts for a variety of print methods


Optimize Measurement Data

The features include the ability to edit primary colors, substrate color and recalculate measurement data with the use of full-sized test charts.

ColorAnt is the only solution that incorporates spectral measurement data optimization by using a range of factors, including addressing redundant patches, correcting measurement errors taking neighboring colors into account and smoothing by applying sophisticated algorithms.


CoPrA is the control center for any profiling task. Create printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles with multicolor options


Generate Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Multicolor profiles with just a few simple clicks. ColorLogic’s color technology does the rest.


Manage all ICC profile type on your system, including DeviceLinks, printer and monitor profiles. Compare curves and gamut of profiles to data or other ICC profiles.

ColorLogic’s CoPrA offers some of the most intelligent and advanced profiling tools in the industry today.


  • Printer Profiles - Profile Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK, and Multicolor color spaces

  • Update Profiles - Update ICC printer and DeviceLink profiles to new printing conditions

  • Flexo Printing Features - Utilize First Printed tone options to create the ideal Flexo profiles

  • DeviceLink Profiles - Generate DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces

  • Visual DeviceLink Editing - Edit charts in popular image editing tools and create a DeviceLink profile

  • Ink Saving Profiles - Create Ink Saving DeviceLink profiles with a variety of presets or custom settings


Integrate our Smart Color Server with SmartLink into an existing workflow for immediate results.

ZePrA Smart Color Server can be quickly integrated into existing workflows for immediate results. ZePrA’s easy-to-use interface simplifies the process of creating custom color conversions with SmartLink for any workflow.

Wizard Driven

Create workflows with the Auto Setup Wizard to automate color management tasks quickly

PantoneLIVE® Integration

Access all PantoneLIVE libraries within the Spot Color Module

Transparency Flattening

Flatten PDF files on-the-fly for color conversion

Cloud Functionality

Easily share spot color libraries and profiles utilizing cloud services

Ink Saving and TAC Reduction

Create SaveInk and TAC reduction workflows with a few short clicks

Spot Color Iteration

Iterate spot colors for more accurate conversions

Enfocus Switch Integration

Create SaveInk and TAC reduction workflows with a few short clicks

Spot Color Reporting

Verify spot color conversions with workflows before processing



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  3. Go to the Downloads page

  4. Download the appropriate software




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