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Closed Loop Ink Presets

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The InkZone concept for presetting the ink keys on the offset printing press is making life easier for printers: they are saving money and gaining time; at the same time, they are achieving considerable increases in quality and productivity.

InkZone smoothes the way into a future with JDF: JDF files supplied from the workflow or bitmap or CIP3 data that has been converted by DI-Plot into the Job Definition Format are then converted by InkZone into the required preset control commands for the specific machine. As a direct continuation of the preset function, the Closed Loop technology is responsible for non-stop control of the press and compliance with print production standards.

Small gap, big opportunity

In many printing houses, the digital process chain stops with plate imaging. The option to transfer prepress output data to press for presetting ink zones remains unused. And because proprietary available CIP3/4 connections come with relatively high investment costs, there is often little incentive to close this gap in the flow of data. This is why Digital Information has developed InkZone: InkZone is an intelligent, flexible concept that can be adapted to requirements. With little expenditure and the simplest equipment, full use can be made of existing potential for the sake of increased efficiency.

An alternative to plate scanners

In many printing houses, preset values for ink zones are still generated using plate scanners. Apart from the laborious handling of the printing plates, the scanning of plates will also result in a relatively imprecise ink profile due to weak contrast between the aluminum and ink-bearing layer, while subsequent precise adjustment of the zones costs time and paper. Through the online transfer of bitmap files, on the one hand a work-intensive detour via the plate scanner is eliminated, while on the other, InkZone will always refer back to first-generation data. That means: shorter set-up times and minimum start-up waste. In view of shrinking print runs and frequent job changes, this means a significant increase in productivity.

Digital presetting of the ink keys

InkZone extends DI-Plot, the Rip-independent form proof solution, by a new component and brings manufacture-independent workflow all the way to the press. Now, bitmap data calculated by DI-Plot and used for the form proof can be simultaneously used for presetting the ink zones on the press. InkZone can be used with all popular press types. Existing offset machines without digitally preset ink zones can be upgraded with InkZone simply and economically

JDF technology

InkZone supports the transfer of preset data - also JDF based - between prepress and press. Bitmap or CIP3 files accepted from RIP and converted by DI-Plot into the Job Definition Format are then converted by InkZone into specific press signals for presetting the ink zones. The conversion function is fulfilled by inkZone also in the case of direct transfer of CIP4/JDF files from any JDF prepress workflow.

More productivity, greater efficiency

Data calculated for film and plate imaging provide the printer with reliable information for digitally presetting the ink zones. Numerous advantages are the result, which goes to boost the productivity and quality of the printing process: much quicker attainment of the correct ink feed, shorter start-up times, drastic savings in waste, and 100% reproducibility with repeat orders because the same digital data are referenced all the time.

Quality assurance thanks to Closed Loop

The calculated preset data can be written to the Closed Loop software package by InkZone. After start-up, the press also prints measuring fields for each print zone, which are measured and compared with the saved reference values for CYMK plus spot colors. InkZone transmits the necessary correction values to the press control console online. The printer decides on the use of these corrections and retains the option to intervene manually at any time. The console then writes the relevant settings back into the InkZone software package.

The Closed Loop functionality of InkZone is the simplest possible way to achieve continuous monitoring and control of all zones in the offset press. When it comes to maintaining and logging a stable printing process as required by all international standards, Closed Loop is indispensable!

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