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Accurate Color on All Printing devices. easy. intelligent. 


PressSign provides color measurement data to help to control the printing process on all forms of production printing including offset, gravure, flexo, screen and digital devices. Enabling consistently accurate color throughout the job. It displays press adjustment information targetting international or custom standards.


Make-ready and preparation times are greatly reduced along with an improvement in print quality. Matching all international printing standards. pressSIGN’s unique Dynamic Density Adjustment (DDA) makes matching spot and process solids simple. pressSIGN supports all major RIP formats. Exporting tonal curve adjustments to your RIP or PDF workflow is fast and effective.

Consistently accurate color is easier to achieve, whatever the print process, however number of colors, using any color bar.

pressSIGN-Pro V 9 is a G7® Certified System that measures, controls, monitors and evaluates the color printing process for litho, digital, flexo, gravure and digital.

pressSIGN-Pro features a complete set of analysis tools to improve press and operator performance identifying issues of both quality and wastage.



pressSIGN-Pro V 9 contains PANTONE™ libraries and the ability to create custom color libraries. Control not only solid spot colors but tints as well. Set spot tint targets based on previous prints or use pressSIGN's VLT or ISO 20654 to achieve the smoothest possible blends.​​

  • ​​Dynamic Density Adjustment(DDA) 

  • Accurately Compensates for Dryback 

  • Auto target adjustment for substrate 

  • Creates and updates tonal curves using either TVI (dot gain)

  • Print targets 

  • Spot colors 

  • Spot color Tints

  • Extended Gamut

  • Dynamic Reports

  • Use any color bar

  • Ink substitution

  • Trend analysis reports

  • Monitor performance

  • Soft Proof

  • Check consistency

  • Connects to all scanning spectrophotometers and many third-party closed loop systems​​

The pressSIGN Softproof module is included with all pressSIGN-Pro or Trends clients. One can access the softproof module beside the press to help the operator compare the customers expectations with the actual job. The Softproof module can be used in the production or pre-press office to visual monitor press runs to easily spot if a new tonal curve is needed.


Seeing is believing and the new pressSIGN softproofing option lets you see how the job is printing and the impact the paper color or measurements will have on the original print target. In addition the pressSIGN softproofing option will show you the expected results of updating the tonal adjustment curve.



Using pressSIGN Softproof across the Internet

Users with pressSIGN Multi-Site Internet Server version can soft proof jobs remotely across the internet saving time and money. The quality control manager can visual check print performace at any production site whatever the printing process.

Print buyers can be assured that the job is being printed to their specifications. By using the Chat function of pressSIGN-Mobile, a part of pressSIGN Internet Server, buyers can instantly send instructions to the printer, as if they were standing by the press.


pressSIGN SoftProof




To Download and Request a Demo License please follow the instructions below:


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  2. Register your company information with PresSign click here 
  3. Go to the Downloads page

  4. Download the appropriate software


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