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What can Grafix World do for you?


Simply put, Grafix World focuses meticulously and is primarily concerned on the needs of your company!


Consulting - Our team consists of a wide variety of professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in the printing industry. From lithographic, gravure, digital, large format, to flexo printing, we have experts ready to serve you. Therefore, we may be the best partner you could find! Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to increase your profit margin, quality, and production while catering to your budget. Contact us to learn how!


Color Management - Grafix World is the representative of the highest quality of Color Management companies in the graphics and printing industries. Giving you the tools that facilitate the ability to reproduce color with optimal accuracy.


Waste Reduction - With the help of software, equipment, quality control, and industry standards, you can not only incorporate waste reduction in materials but in time as well.


Faster Roll-ups - When your files are optimized for your particular printing method, the ability to obtain correct densities and color is practically instantaneous! Less time to achieve your desired quality of print means less ink, less paper, and less manual labor. Thereby saving you time and money!


Ink Saving - Through the help of software, you can accomplish the same color quality while consuming less ink. Our technologies possess the ability to not only reduce ink saturation, TAC (total area coverage), preserve the integrity of colors, and use more Black than CMY, but also accurately convert spot colors to CMYK or extended gamut printing methods. Many times, depending on the particular job, yielding savings of over 20% ink usage! 


Solutions - Whether you are a pre-press operation, advertising agency, or a commercial printer, in any or all methods of printing, in any area of the printing process, we have solutions to serve your needs. Offering you the highest quality of software, instruments, lighting, hardware, machinery, and more. Indeed Grafix World has the knowledge and resources for your business.

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