Since the appearance of color changes from one light source to another then in order to accurately reproduce color, it is essential to have a controlled lighting condition.


JUST Normlicht has a wide variety of choices when it comes to providing the best solution to your lighting requirements.

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Color Viewing Booths

Color Booths with numerous practical functions for assessing the color of a wide range of materials. Available in various sizes and with five illuminants, including LED, the color matching booths offers everything you need for your professional viewing tasks.

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Color Viewing Stations

Not just standard compliant lighting conditions. Color Viewing Stations come in a wide variety of equipment options to suit your individual requirements.


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Color Proofing Lights

Lights for suspending from the ceiling or for mounting on your viewing station. In any case, uniform lighting conditions with a D50 or D65 standard illuminant.


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Desktop Viewers

Color proofing of reflective copy with small, portable devices under a D50 standard illuminant or LED light. Naturally suitable for soft proofing.


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Light Tables

The flexible light tables permit both classical retouching work and quality control on translucent materials


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What are Light Viewing Standards?



The CIE Standard Illuminant D50, with a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 5000 Kelvin, is the predominant reference illuminant used in the graphic arts industry. This encompasses organizations involved in the creation and production workflow for graphic materials, from photographers and advertising agencies to prepress and reprographic businesses. The consistent use of standardized lighting throughout this value chain is indispensable in supporting accurate and consistent critical color assessments of monitor soft proofs, hard copy proofs, and prints of all types. The D50 light source referenced in the standard ISO 3664:2009 "Graphic technology and photography – Viewing conditions" . more



With a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 6500 K, D65 corresponds to "average daylight from the northern sky" and is the reference illuminant in DIN 6173-2 "Color matching" and a referenced illuminant in ASTM D1729. Its spectral energy distribution between 300 and 780 nm is described in DIN 5033 at increments of 5 nm.

Any lamp designed to simulate D65 must comply with standard ISO 3668 "Visual comparison of the color of paints". The standard describes all the parameters required to ensure standard-compliant color comparisons, such as standards presentation, viewing, and ambient conditions. The illuminance level defined in this standard is between 1000 and 4000 lux, this wide range being due to the diversity of different applications. JUST viewing booths and luminaires achieve an illuminance of 2000 lux as standard, with optional brightness controls on soft proofing models. more



The most accurate, stable, cost-effective and highest performance color critical lighting is now offered by the world’s leading precision viewing light manufacturer, JUST Normlicht. Whether your application is the research of new materials, matching existing products, or evaluating the consistency of production lots, using the best light possible ensures accurate visual evaluations.

Our LED viewing light is different. Not an inferior, non-compliant replacement tube, this patented (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2) design is based on our highly successful multi-spectral LED color viewing light, and is one of the first solutions that meet critical ISO and other international standards. All configurations are packed with features. more

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