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HELIOS Universal File Server G8 is a turnkey software solution to provide file and print server services to Mac and Windows users, and Internet portal file access to web and mobile device users. more...

HELIOS makes remote collaboration efficient and convenient when using cloud servers. The HELIOS solution can be installed on a public cloud server, or on your own company file server, to create a “private cloud”. Either way, HELIOS provides a turnkey collaboration platform with these business productivity features:​​​​​

The entire HELIOS solution can be installed on a cloud server, to provide file access to remote users, anytime, anywhere, with Internet-based volume access via AFP for Macs, and via SMB for Windows clients. In addition, file access via web browser on any platform means remote Mac, Windows, UNIX, and mobile device users can all participate and contribute to a workflow.​ more...


  • Modern Drag & Drop file transfer workflow with syncing

  • Syncing files & folders to mobile users

  • Multi-user document reviewing with annotations

  • Web browser based remote proofing

  • Remote volumes over the Internet for Mac & Windows clients



Cloud Collaboration

The HELIOS solutions for world-wide collaboration 

Personalized file and services portal
  • Highest security & performance

  • Real-time remote file access

  • Image and document proofing

  • Personalized GUI per client

  • Drag and drop file transfers

It used to be that the network was the LAN. Today, the network is the Internet. Employees, partners, and customers expect content and services to be available anytime, anywhere. HELIOS WebShare not only makes it possible, it makes it easy, for both users and administrators. WebShare is a personalized portal not only to access files, but also services. WebShare provides the link between staff, partners, and customers, facilitating collaboration, and building customer loyalty and retention.


WebShare is designed with security as the highest priority. Hence, it is the ideal secure replacement for FTP, and for use where secure file transfer is mandated. Security is enforced at many levels, including file system permissions at the user level. Administrators can set file management and other options for users and groups on each SharePoint. Host, Active Directory, LDAP, and virtual users are supported. A detailed audit trail is maintained.


Administrators can also quickly and easily design personalized interfaces for users or groups, using the built-in GUI editor. No technical experience is necessary. Configuration of users, sharepoints, and general settings is accomplished via the WebShare UI. Support for integration with other products, e.g. digital asset management systems, is built in.


A proofing solution for many users and all production stages

Proofing of images and documents for content and color is an ongoing process, from initial draft through final approval and production. Clients, designers, and print and web production teams must collaborate, often at a distance, to produce the desired product.

Key benefits include:
  • Printer and monitor proofs – now certified

  • Local and remote proofing

  • Web soft proofs

  • Proof workflow

  • Images and documents

  • In-RIP separation

  • Transparency control


HELIOS can assist from the very beginning, at the content creation stage. The extensive ImageServer image processing and ICC color management capabilities allow creation and repurposing of images for the specific output intent.  Even color separations can be previewed remotely!

HELIOS is awarded FograCert for soft proofs in web browser

Since December 2009 it is official: soft proofs can replace print proofs. HELIOS was awarded the highly coveted FograCert under the auspices of the recognized soft proof program. HELIOS WebShare was convincing, earning FograCerts for soft proofs with Fogra39 (ISOcoated v2), utilizing 3 Quato monitors, and 3 Eizo monitors. WebShare allows remote proofing in any web browser.


More information on FograCert

HELIOS WebShare remote proofing solution passes all 24 IPA RoundUP tests

HELIOS WebShare also simplifies remote proofing, using mainstream inkjet printers. And because we like to prove it, the HELIOS WebShare proofing solution passed all 24 IPA RoundUP tests in 2009. Good news for all those who need to view and print the proofs at remote places.

More information about proofing on inkjet printers
Proofing workflow details

Workflow Automation

Integrating and automating HELIOS applications with other server-based and client-based applications, processes, and workflows
  • Server hot folders

  • Automation via scripting

  • Advanced printing workflow

  • Distributed and scalable automation

  • Mac, Windows, and Web clients

Meeting deadlines and budgets requires cutting time and overhead from every process. Automating processes and workflows can streamline production, to improve efficiency, reliability, and quality. HELIOS server solutions are designed with this in mind. Not only can the HELIOS processes be automated, but HELIOS Script Server and Tool Server enable the easy integration and automation of 3rd party server applications, as well as client applications.


HELIOS has a tradition of taking complex and high-performance server solutions and making them easy to use for Mac, Windows, and web clients. Users simply see print queues, server network volumes, or hot folders. Anything that can be accomplished via these user interfaces can also be fully automated.

Read the HELIOS white paper “Integrating and automating HELIOS applications” for how to get started now (PDF)

Remote workflows can be enabled by sharing Script Server hot folders via HELIOS WebShare. Remote proofing, PDF preflight, image conversion, and more can be accessible anywhere. WebShare also supports Action Scripts, which can be chosen from a menu list to act upon any selected files.

Many server or client applications with command line or other automation support can be automated and integrated to work together in a single workflow.

The secret to the HELIOS automation is that HELIOS Script Server and Tool Server take care of the infrastructure. All of the complexity is handled behind the scenes via the automation frameworks.

HELIOS Scripting Solutions

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